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The Dump Yard was started as a place to store the interesting things I read back in college. Here’s where you need to go to know why I started The Dump Yard and why I named it so. Having said that, over the years it transformed into a place for my expression. Be it verbal or visual.

Below are some of the most interesting things I’ve shared over the years.

  • My First shot at Story-Writing. It’s a story
  • My second and the most read story. A Head Full of Diamonds
  • For the love of Trekking & Travelling: Read all my travel stories here
  • And after a long long time, I wanted to resume writing and a good shot a few other things. GoodReads Challenge was a step in this direction. If you’re looking to get back to doing things you’ve always wanted to. I suggest you read through the GoodReads Challenge posts #1,#2,#3,#4.

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